2015. augusztus 24., hétfő

Puffy sleeves - How to make them?

After a hard decision, I kept the bigger sleeves, anyway, thank you for the help, I was so lost in that question :)
I still needed some support to make them extra puffy.

Original sleeves supporter from 1890, it wouldn't fit for this dress, because it has a normal undersleeve.

I didn't need such a massive thing, like a whole cat or a crinoline inside, so I made this little buddies to help me. I saw it on my original 1890 gown, and I would like to share this easy, little and accurate trick with you as well.

All you need is some strong fabric, I used leftover upholstery canvas and purple lining to cover them.

First, you have to cut two half circle. (My mesaurements for them cc. 12 cm long and 6 cm high)

Here are my two supporters

After, just sew them together, and hide its under the gathers. That's it :)

I sew between the two sleeves

I tried to make a picture of the current look of dress

I told, no cats in my dress, but who can say no to her? :)

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